Grammalecte  Artifact [312d65f3fe]

Artifact 312d65f3fe2f3aaa8ce843bf393f0775f1afa50e4a51e3ef7a4cf66f0cde09bc:


##  0.0
    Alpha version, similar to Lightproof (a grammar checker for LibreOffice)

##  0.1
    Lexical analysis commands with disambiguation by pattern exclusion
    Optional suggestions
    Back reference groups within error messages

##  0.2
    Bi-passes engine
        Pass 1: paragraph by paragraph
        Pass 2: sentence by sentence
    Text preprocessor between the two passes
    Error positioning (by group selection)

##  0.3
    Multi-passes engine
    [fr] Dictionary switcher
    [fr] Text formatter
    [fr] Lexicographer
    [fr] French Conjugueur

##  0.4
    Simpler user options writing
    [fr] Suggestion mechanisms
    [fr] [Writer] Application Launcher
    [fr] [Writer] Author field edition

##  0.5
    Grammalecte is an autonomous package, free from Hunspell and LibreOffice
    Indexable binary dictionary (DAWG-FSA) generator
    Multi-actions rules (bi-passes engine again)
    Simpler options for word boundaries
    Unit tests
    New engine written in JavaScript
    [fr] Extension for Firefox
    [fr] Extension for Thunderbird

##  0.6
    [fr] Extension for Firefox converted to WebExtension
    [fr] [Writer] Enumerator of words
    Lexicon editor
    Graphspell: spellchecker as an independant package

##  1.0
    New grammar checker engine, based on tokenization
    > Rules graphs (less resources consuming)
    > Simpler method to write rules
    > Tags for tokens
    > Tokens merging
    > Immunity rules