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Rules for Markdown files
User & Date: anonymous on 2023-09-21 12:58:58

  1. foundin changed to: "2.1.1"
  2. icomment:
    In the file, I've added the '-' for the following rule.
    ['^ *[*+-] ', False, '#774p', 'p_md_liste', 4, [[None, '~', '*', 0]]],
    It works fine.
    But I wanted to add a suppress rule for double spaces at the end of a line, since it's a markup for a "simple" carriage return.The following line should do the job, but somehow, I'm still getting "Espace·s en fin de ligne à supprimer."
    ['[ \xa0\u202f]{2}$', False, '#776p', 'p_md_nouvelle_ligne', 4, [[None, '~', '*', 0]]],
    Did I write the rule in a wrong way ?
    Thx for your help.
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