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Building problem in a chroot - and related
User & Date: anonymous on 2019-11-02 21:36:46

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  2. icomment:
    While trying to build a rpm package for Fedora in a mock environment
    (chrooted rpmbuild), I encountered these problems:
    - gc_lang/fr/ try to launch, with os system shell,
    but it is not in the PATH. Had to replace line:
    os.system(" -s -gl -v "+sVersion)
    os.system("python3 ./ -s -gl -v "+sVersion)
    to get it working. Not sure it is the right way to solve this. 
    Adding python3 helps because even if the shebang file is "#!python3" 
    the file is not executable, and just modifying the line to: 
    os.system("./ -s -gl -v "+sVersion) 
    doesn't help.
    Then, while works, it tries to access to 
    gc_lang/fr/dictionnaire/lexique/French.tagset.txt file, but only 
    gc_lang/fr/dictionnaire/lexique/french.tagset.txt exists 
    (with a "f" not a "F").
    Renaming gc_lang/fr/dictionnaire/lexique/french.tagset.txt to
     gc_lang/fr/dictionnaire/lexique/French.tagset.txt resolve the problem.
    One last minor glitch that is not probably needed to fix is that 
    all the python files shebang were modified from "#!python3" to 
    "#!/usr/bin/python3" to be in sync with Fedora packaging guidelines.
    Hope this helps. Any comments about this subject are welcome.
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    Building problem in a chroot - and related
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