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  1. Ticket change [60e3be91d0] (rid 12916) by anonymous on 2021-04-19 23:26:06:

    1. foundin initialized to: "2.0.0"
    2. icomment:
      When I enter the sentence "Dans Captain Abu Raed, Tareq a dit que les gens comme lui ne peuvent pas devenir pilotes", Grammalecte throws an error on "pilotes", saying that it should agree with "lui", but I believe it should agree with "les gens".
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    7. title initialized to: "False positive error in conjugation"
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  2. Ticket change [1726643422] (rid 12920) by olr on 2021-04-20 11:06:03:

    1. icomment: "Corrigé."
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