Grammalecte  How to clone this repository

How to clone this repository

This website is generated by Fossil, the distributed version control system, bug tracking system and wiki software server.

Download Fossil 2.13, unzip it and type:

fossil clone -u grammalecte.fossil

or, if you have an account:

fossil clone -u grammalecte.fossil

Then, open the repository:

fossil open grammalecte.fossil

Copy unversioned files from the repository to your drive:

cd gc_lang/fr/dictionnaire/lexique/corpus_data
fossil uv export stats_frwiki.txt stats_frwiki.txt
fossil uv export stats_frwikisource.txt stats_frwikisource.txt
fossil uv export stats_google_ngram_1.txt stats_google_ngram_1.txt
fossil uv export stats_litterature.txt stats_litterature.txt

Read the documentation of Fossil: Firsts steps with Fossil

First build

In the main folder, type: fr -js